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Welcome to City Chat Café a cosmopolitan communication commune in Tsukuba by TSUKUBA INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION, TSUKUBA SCIENCE CITY NETWORK, UNIVERSITY OF TSUKUBA(Cosmos Café).

Café Schedule Date
April Café Sunday, 15th April 13:30-16:00
May Café@Global Village Sunday, 20th May 13:30-16:00
June Café@Global Village Sunday, 17th June 13:30-16:00
July Café Sunday, 15th July 13:30-16:00

Regular Café Place

LALA Garden Community Room
Free Parking Area Available

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What is City Chat Café?

The City Chat Café is the Cosmopolitan Communication Commune where people can easily congregate and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.



City Chat Café Story

Locality: the Concept of the City Chat Café
Parisian café or salon is the very original concept of City Chat Café, where people meet and enjoy a free conversation.
Parisian cafés serve as a centre of social and culinary life in Paris. Paris cafés are the meeting place, the neighbourhood hub, the conversation matrix, the rendezvous spot, the networking source, a place to relax or to refuel - the social and political pulse of the city.

The City Chat Café is the Cosmopolitan Communication Commune where people can easily congregate and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee. This one and only venture twinned with Cosmos Chat and Cafe has continued its success over 5 years since the very first sessions were held in 2008 at the LaLa Garden and the University of Tsukuba 30th Anniversary Hall.

The Dawn
The City Chat Café was originally launched as part of the Tsukuba University’s Social Contribution Project, initiated by Professor Yoshihiro Shiraiwa, Emeritus Professor Yutaka Naitoh, and Assistant Professor Jennifer Manyweathers. Professor Yutaka Naitoh and Mrs. Toshiko Naitoh had been running an English speaking society: a precursor of the City Chat Café. Both of them had offered sincere advice and persistent assistance since the establishment of the City Chat Café. The special event at TX Technology Showcase in January 2010 marked the highlight of its early career. The City Chat Café had to halt the activity in 2011 due to the completion of the university’s Social Contribution Project. City Chat Café's 4 years of works included 68 of Cafés and 3,020 of participants.

Humanity: the locomotive for City Chat Café
The reassumption had been massively demanded especially by repeat participants. The reorganised City Chat Café was successfully resurrected in September 2012. This could have never been possible without the financial assistance from Tsukuba International Association, Tsukuba Science City Network and the university. Professor Randeep Rakwal from Graduate General Education Courses Office, Mr. Higuchi Hiroshi from Tsukuba Science City Network, Mrs. Yoshiko Ohki from Tsukuba International Association, and Mr. Toshimune Iwahashi from Tsukuba City Office had been the fostering engine of the project. Mr. Higuchi Hiroshi was the one who followed in the footsteps of the godfather Professor Yoshihiro Shiraiwa. Sindy (Suyin Yang) as the first student manager and Tian Xiao-jie as the second student manager devoted their sedulous efforts to keep the project alive, particularly at the inception of the new management setup. City Chat Café could have never been this successful without the patience, encouragement and support of many people including participants at every Café and the Café staff members.

Tsukuba Science Festival 2013
The last Café held on 24th of November, 2013 was the 13th Café counted from the restart in September 2012, the 81st Café since the very beginning. There was also a special event on 10th of November, 2013 which marked another highlight in its career. City Chat Café participated in Tsukuba Science Festival 2013 held at the Tsukuba Capio. The English speech contest for the secondary school students in the morning was successful in encouraging students to learn English in a more practical way. City Chat Café gained young cosmopolitan enthusiasm from the students in return. In the afternoon “City Chat Café meets Science”, the participants enjoyed chatting about science with international students and researchers from the university.
The legend of City Chat Café still goes on.

Read Café Report.

City Chat Café Report


Frequently Asked Questions about Café

  1. Do I need a reservation?
    No reservations needed. And Admission Free!
  2. Can I bring my kids to Café?
    To Parents with Children. PleaseRead.

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