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We have  8 English Courses of Global 30 programs in our graduate school.

Title of program offered in English School, college, or graduate school major, where the program is situated  Goal

Professional Training Program in International Agricultural Research

Master's Program in Agro-bioresources Science and Technology The goal is human resource development through on-the-job training especially by collaborative internship at overseas reputed institutes with CGIAR.
International Bioindustrial Sciences Course Doctoral Program in Bioindustrial Sciences This course teaches multi-disciplinary practices with legal, regulatory, social and ethical as pects as well as science and technology components for bioindustry promotion.
Environmental Diplomatic Leader Education Program  

Master's Program in Environmental Sciences. Doctoral Program in Sustainable Environmental Studies

To educate leaders with multidisciplinary talent having competence in environment science and technology and principle of environmentology to alleviate environmental issues.
Biodiplomacy Course Master's bioresources Science and Technology
Master's Program in Biological Sciences
This course aims for developing human resources who can be competitive in the policy, regulatory and industrial matters on biotechnology and bioresources, emphasizing the international & interdisciplinary aspects.
International Collaborative Environmental Program (ICEP) Master's Program in Environmental Sciences
Doctoral Program in Sustainable Environmental Studies
Nurturing "Environmental Actors" who can take active part as environmental communicators and/or managers at home and abroad.
International Collaborative Expert Education Program for Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development Master's Program in Agro-bioresources Science and Technology Developing leaders in Asia that work actively in food and environmental research and have a strong specialty with an international outlook.
Waste Management Expert Course Master Program in Environmental Studies The course offers a set of intensive courses for international students who wish to study advanced waste management systems and policies.
Arid Land Resources Science Course  

-Doctoral Program in Appropriate Technology and Sciences for Sustainable
-Development, Doctoral Program in Biosphere Resource Science and Technology,
-Alliance for Research on North Africa (ARENA)

The goal of this program is to develop appropriate technology to deal with the problems of arid land resources, with basic understanding of world food and agriculture.  

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