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Assi. Prof. Sylvain Agostini Prof. Randeep Rakwal

= Coral metabolism: from the micro to the macro-scale. =
Sylvain Agostini, Dr. Sci. Assistant Professor Shimoda Marine Research Center

This year, 2013, our paper entitled "Biological and chemical characteristics of the coral gastric cavity" published in Coral Reefs, the journal published by the International Society for Reef Studies was voted the Best Paper of the year 2012. It is a great honor and I hope that this paper and our research will inspire more research on micro scale processes within marine organisms. My research interests are presented below. The different topics are the research on the gastric cavity and new research topics such as: micro scale environments and the mechanism of calcification, and temperate corals.
(Detail are here, Best Paper Award 2012, Montage coel sampling)

= Plants are my first love. =
Professor Randeep Rakwal of Graduate General Education Courses (GGEC) Program

Plants are my first love. Why? They are green, full of color that fascinates and inspires, and they give us food . To put is more simply, plants are beautiful, especially the green leaves on a rainy day - the water rolling over the leaves and down the branches is a pure delight.
(Details are here)

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