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Message from the Provost


Prof. Dr. Yoshihiro Shiraiwa
Provost of Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

Studying at the Graduate School in the Era of Life and Environmental Sciences?

Life and Environment are the two critical fields that will play an important role in unlocking the mysteries for a sustainable modern global human civilization. It is worthwhile for a motivated researcher to devote oneself to these scientific disciplines.

Since developments in science and technology produce both positive and negative influences shaping the course of history and nature of human society. Consequently, future scientists will need to acquire the most advanced knowledge and skills as well as nurture rich human qualities in order to make science and technology the ideal tools for creating a bright future for humankind.

As Ph.D., literally means "Philosophiae Doctor (Doctor of Philosophy) in Latin", the degree is to be conferred not to those who have just received technical training but, to those individuals who possess proactive attitudes toward learning, develop professional skills, and have an interdisciplinary approach towards the betterment of human race and civilization. Being well aware of the basic principle of Akademeia, The University of Tsukuba provides Master's and Doctoral Programs as highly specialized educational programs. Altogether, the programs are also meant to nurture rich human qualities. Graduate General Education courses are good examples of the university's approach on education. The University of Tsukuba pioneered these educational courses on a large scale. The courses are organized to inspire graduates to foster integrity, communication skills, internationalizing mind, career management skills, firm intellectual foundation, and balanced mental and physical conditions.

As frequently reported by the media, "Shu-katsu" (current Japan's job search system) created a significant negative impact on the current graduate education. Master's Program has been considerably weakened, and The University of Tsukuba is no exception. It should be emphasized that the problem lies not with the "shu-katsu" itself, but with the negative impact aired in the media reports, and the crucial point is for students not to forget the most important thing  that they are graduates of The University of Tsukuba, which is ranked within the top 10 most renowned universities in Japan. Thus, confidence and positive outlook will help them overcome any negative influences. Being irresponsible and extremely sensitive about the negative impact only adds to the existing confusion. Be motivated and have a passion for learning at the graduate school. Concentrate on your studies. To make earnest efforts is the only way to overcome the difficulties and satisfy the professional and social needs. All lecturers we have invited from industry articulated the view that they expected university graduates to concentrate on academic work, and that the companies will assess the results.

All the materials are ready. It is now up to each individual to take advantage, and benefit from these courses. We highly recommend that you become fully involved in academics and nurture these vital skills. We hope that you will recognize that this is the only way to assure your bright future, and create self-discipline.

Effective Supporting System for Research and Education of Life and Environment field

As the name indicates, The Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences covers broad research educational areas related to the life and the environment: Earth Sciences, Basic Life Sciences, Biological Resources Sciences, Biotechnology, and Environmental Sciences as interdisciplinary science. The University of Tsukuba provides a substantial level of research activities, carries out numerous large-scale research projects, and develops wide-ranging & high-quality curricula based on the outcome of these activities.

Excellent Educational & Research Environment, e.g. Educational Research

Institutes and Nationwide joint-use Institutes

We provide the top-level research and educational environment for each field, and conduct well-organized and highly specialized educational and research activities, cooperating with six field centers: Gene Research Center, Shimoda Marine Research Center, Life Science Center of Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance (Life Science Center of TARA), Sugahara Montane Research Center, Agricultural and Forestry Research Center, and Terrestrial Environment Research Center. A graduate can be a member in any of these centers where one's instructor belongs.

Fulfilling Cooperative Graduate School, Linkage Graduate School System.

We employ researchers from the private experimental institutes and corporations in Tsukuba Science City and the entire Kanto region as visiting professors and associate professors of Cooperative Graduate School. These researchers supervise research works, thus allowing graduate study at the institutions that cooperate with national and private experimental institutes.

The activities bring a satisfying education and research environment.

About the Potentialities of Degreed Graduates of The University of Tsukuba- A Message to the People in Society and Corporate World

The Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences employ's many world-renowned researchers. Taking advantage of their research achievements, we provide educational programs that nurture highly specialized, internationalized, and well-balanced professionals. As The University of Tsukuba was officially selected to take part in the "Global 30" Project to promote internationalization in Japanese universities, there are many international students studying in the degree programs. This environment offers graduates to become internationally competitive and independent scientists in their own right. We give high priority to English education and turn out many graduates who are ready for cross-border negotiation skills, in the highly competitive business environment. Researches at laboratories and in the field are well supported and a diverse group of capable scientists have been created and shaped for the wide-ranging challenges ahead. We also provide courses, with an emphasis on developing communication and management skills. We are confident that the level of our graduates will satisfy your requirements, and therefore, would like to ask your positive consideration in hiring our graduates.

Furthermore, The University of Tsukuba offers continuing educational opportunities in doctoral programs for researchers working for companies, national, and private research institutes. Evening courses and focused courses allow them to obtain the Ph.D. degree while they continue working. The same rights, as regular students hold, are assured to those who take these courses. We would like to recommend you to utilize these courses as an effective means of cultivating human resource development.

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