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Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences

2015.3.3 The article about the Japanese tea ceremony of a course at MJIIT
2015.3.3 Report by Internship student from Malaysia
Yus Amira binti Yusaimi (MJIIT-UTM)
2015.2.26 Faculty members of University of Bordeaux visited UT
2015.2.25 Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD) 2015 will be held on May 17 (Sun)
2015.2.25 MJIIT Newsletter Volume 5 2014 Sep-Oct has been issued
2015.1.15 Our Visit to Bonn and Bordeaux
2014.12.8 Successful Kickoff Symposium of Institute of Life and Environmental Sciences (ILES), University of Tsukuba
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Research Projects
Plants are my first love.
Professor Randeep Rakwal of Graduate General Education Courses (GGEC) Program
Coral metabolism: from the micro to the macro-scale.
Sylvain Agostini, Dr. Sci. Assistant Professor Shimoda Marine Research Center
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Message from the Provost

Message from the Provost :

Prof. Yoshihiro Shiraiwa
Studying at the Graduate School in the Era of Life and Environmental Sciences?
Effective Supporting System for Research and Education of Life and Environment field
Excellent Educational & Research Environment, e.g. Educational Research
Fulfilling Cooperative Graduate School, Linkage Graduate School System.
About the Potentialities of Degreed Graduates of The University of Tsukuba- A Message to the People in Society and Corporate World

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